Application Summer Camp in Malmoe, Sweden 13-24 July 2015
For Skaters from abroad with own Coach.

Skater´s Name:
Age:         Date of Birth:                                                                                                                         Male / Female
Complete E-mail Address:
Address (Address/City/ZipCode/Country):


Phone (Home/Work/Mobil):
Home Club:
I practise on jumps:
Highest test passed Freestyle:                                                    and Moves:
Coach Name:
Coach Phone and E-mail: 
Ice sessions.
Price for Ice:
Program “2” incl.:
ice sessions
à 45 min./da in 5 days.

Program “3”  includes:
ice sessions,
à 45 min,/day in 5 days.
Program “4” incl.:
ice sessions
à 45 min,/day in 5 days.
ICE: Price / week. 1.950 SEK 2.650 SEK 3.500 SEK
Week 1 (13-17 July)      
Week 2 (20-24 July)      
Mark above (with X) week and program.

I want you to book hotelroom for me double, triple or 4-bed at Best Western Hotel Royal.

Mail completed application to:
Summer Camp in Malmoe,  c/o Ringdahl, Kungstorpsv 2, S-236 32  HOLLVIKEN,
or e-mail to not later than April 1.    
Thereafter you will receive your confirmation and information about how to pay the
administration  fee 55€ (non-refundable) and your Summer Camp program fee. 
For additional information, call (00) 46 739720821. 
/ Jannie Ringdahl        

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     Welcome to figure skating camp in Malmoe.